Koh Klang – Unknown islands of the Andaman Sea

5158979The island of Koh Klang is located at the mouth of the Krabi River opposite the town of Krabi.

There are no cars on the island, only a few tuk tuks, scooters and bicycles. Fruit and vegetable gardens, goats crossing the road, grazing buffalos in the rice fields, traditional stilt houses under which fishermen escape the sun in a hammock. Children are playing without a care despite huge monitor lizards that can be seen from time to time.


About 5000 people live on the island, of which the majority are indigenous people and mostly followers of Islam. Although just 5 minutes away by long-tail boat from the town of Krabi, the life on the island is completely different. The people lead a simple and modest lifestyle, of which they are very proud. Visitors are very welcome, but should not consume alcohol or dress in immodest clothing. The friendliness and openness of the local people allow a good insight into the southern Thai island life.


7125140Most islanders are fishermen or farmers who grow rice, coconuts and bananas. There are only two places in Thailand, where the Sangyod rice is grown – here on Koh Klang and in Pattalung. The rice has a purple colour and lots of fibre. The unique flavour comes from the salt water in which it grows.

Koh Klang is also famous for its seafood and is one of the main producers in the region. Fishermen use a sophisticated tidal fishing method employing a system of special V-shaped nets, which prevent the fish retreating with the tide. Koh Klang as you would expect has some of the best seafood restaurants in the region.

Koh Klang is surrounded by a mangrove forest, which is very important for the survival of local marine life. The area can be explored by kayak.


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