August 26, 2016

Entry Requirements & Visa Regulations

The entry requirements and visa regulations for tourists to Thailand have changed several times in the past 5 years. Please inform yourself before traveling, especially if: you intend to stay for an extended period in Thailand, if you have small children or if you plan to re-enter Thailand several times during your vacation. The official visa regulations and entry requirements can be found on the website of the Thai Immigration Authority.

Immigration Office BangkokImmigration Authority – Main Office

The Government Complex Building B, 2 Floor, Counter D,

120 Moo 3, Chaengwattana Road

Thungsonghong Sub-District, Bangkok 10210

Tel: 02-2873101 – 9
Fax: 02-287310110


Customs Regulations

Foreign Currency

You can bring in foreign currency up to the value of 20,000 US dollars, without having to declare it. There is no limit on Thai currency when entering the country, but the export of more than 50,000 Thai Baht has to be declared.

Prohibited Items

The import of drugs, weapons of any kind, and pornographic material is strictly prohibited. Drug offenses are severely punished in Thailand.

Medications – special and strict conditions !!

Many drugs that are available without prescription in European countries and USA may be prohibited in Thailand.
In general, the import and export of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is prohibited. Tourists who have medical conditions requiring such drugs should inquire before travelling.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Per person a maximum of 200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco, 1 liter of wine or spirits may be brought into the country. However, the spirits must not have more than 40% alcohol as this is prohibited in Thailand.

Antiques and Animal Products

For the export of antiques, art objects and Buddha images that are larger than an amulet you need permission from the Thai Fine Arts Department. Take special caution before obtaining animal products in Thailand, such as:
Ivory, crocodile skin, bones, teeth, coral, turtle shells, stuffed animals and insects.

These products are sold in many tourist places as souvenirs, but they are covered by the Washington Convention. The export of these products is prohibited and may be punished with harsh fines.

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